The following guide describes how to integrate/connect the Engage Consult Client with SystmOne.

Written guide

Configuring the Engage Client

Engage Client settings are configured on a per user basis. Settings are stored in the Windows roaming profile folder in a file called user.xml.
If for example, Tom Jones logs on Windows and configured Vixie, when Tom next logs onto Windows using a different computer, his settings in Vixie should carry over.

Login to SystmOne on your computer.

Double click on the Engage Client (Vixie) icon on your desktop to launch it.
When Vixie launches for the first time, the Settings box will appear.

If this box does not appear, you can find it by clicking Tools in the top-right corner, then Settings.

In the System drop-down menu, select TPP SystmOne.

Click the OK button 

A prompt in SystmOne should now appear.
Click the Approve button 

Another prompt asking for Device Name will appear
Leave the default name in place and click Ok

It should now show as Connected as below.